Church Of England Schools

Saint Gabriel's is a Church of England Primary School. In England, over 25% of all Primary Schools are Church of England Schools. Our school is voluntary aided, which means that a majority of the governors are appointed by the Church. The teachers are appointed and employed by the governing body, 15% of the cost of repairs and capital projects is raised by the governing body, and the religious education and worship here in Saint Gabriels are distinctly Anglican.

Church of England schools welcome all pupils from their area/parish. If there is a shortage of places in the school, the admissions policy set by the governing body may give preference to some pupils. Admissions policies differ from school to school: ours asks for evidence of active involvement in the local church, existing family members at the school, a pupils' travelling distance from school or social reasons for needing a particular school.

The National Society is the official education service of the Church of England and their website has lots of useful information regarding the ethos of Church schools and why they are so key in the life of a parish. Here at St Gabriels, our school, church and community centre work as one.

Our vision and Purpose ‘The enabling of every child to flourish in their potential as a child of God is a sign and expression of the Kingdom and is at the heart of the Church’s distinctive mission’. (The Church School of the Future review 2012) St Gabriel’s is a special place in lots of ways. As an Anglican Church School the centrality of the Christian faith underpins and guides everything we do. We achieve our vision not by posting mission statements but by the Christian values we share, the prayers we offer, the attitudes we model, and particularly through our focus on Jesus Christ, that all would grow to be more like Him.