Friends of St. Gabriel's.

Everybody gets by with a little help from their friends and we certainly do at St. Gabriel's. We are extremely forunate to have the 'Friends of St. Gabriel's' and are so grateful for all that they do. Recently our Friends has organised many events including Fairs, Cake Sale Fundraisers and our Christmas Festival! We have recently been in discussions regarding aquiring new equipment and storage for the school, in particular for outdoor reading and writing areas that we want to establish in the coming months.

The 'Friend' group provides parents with the opportunity to meet, socialise and become more involved in our school life. ‘Friends of St. Gabriel's’ is open to anybody with the school’s best interests at heart. And you don’t have to come to endless meetings or give up countless hours of your time to make a positive difference to your child’s education. Sometimes it’s a case of serving tea and coffee for half an hour or so after a Nativity Play at Christmas, or making a poster to advertise a Quiz. Whatever talent you may be hiding, we’re keen to use it so please get in touch with school if you are interested.


Thank you so much to all the support the Friends of St Gabriel's gave during our Book Week. For the first time we invited parents in from different year groups each morning to allow parents and family the oppurtunity to explore the Book Fair with their child/ren and to read books. We also, with the help of the FoSG, gave out free tea, coffee and toast. The 'Breakfast Books' was a great success and it was lovely to see so many people attend. A huge thank you from all the staff to everyone who visited and to all those that helped to make it such a brilliant experience.

Furthermore, we managed to raise over £800 from the Scholastic Book Fair. This is the most we have ever, EVER made! It means that school will end up with over £400 to spend on more books and resources for our pupils to encourage more reading.