At St. Gabriel's our school motto of "Achieving Together Through Faith" applies equally to all children in the school.

We aim to identify children with SEND as early as possible. This may be undertaken by teaching staff, parents or external agencies. Progress of all children is very closely monitored by the teachers in each class. Termly assessments are used to track the progress of all children in the school. These are also used to identify any children requiring intervention and support.

We have a good proportion of teaching assistants who support different groups within lessons, as well as providing 1:1 interventions tailored to the needs of the child. Lessons are differentiated to take into account the needs of all learners. We also use pupil premium funding to ensure children with Special Needs and Gifted and Talented have small group interventions with a qualified teacher to meet their needs. Our staffing team has experience of a range of special needs and how these can best be met. Advice is sought from a variety of external agencies to ensure needs are carefully addressed. Staff receive appropriate training throughout the year. School also buys in additional support from Central support to help with identification and targeting support for children with a range of specific learning difficulties.

The requirements of children with special needs are considered in relation to testing, with appropriate access arrangements given where required, in line with National guidance.

For further information about how we aim to include and cater for the needs of all children please click on the link below.