Staff roles and responsibilities:

Senior Leaders:

Mrs K. Sawyer – Head Teacher & Child Protection Coordinator

Miss M. Bushell – Deputy Head Teacher / Maths Lead / P.E. and Sports Lead/Assessment/Collective Worship

Mr S. Glanvill – Phase Leader for Key Stage 2 / Reading Champion / Computing Lead/ English Lead/Assessment

Ms P. O'Connell – Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator / Phase Leader for Key Stage 1/NQT and Student Mentor/Deputy Child
Protection Coordinator

Mrs. R. Shutt – Phase Leader for Early Years Foundation Stage /Phonics Lead/ NQT and Student Mentor

Class Teachers and responsibilities:

Ms. R. McIlroy – Nursery teacher, History Co-ordinator

Mrs. R. Shutt – Reception teacher (see above)

Ms L. Murphy – Year 1 teacher, Science Co-ordinator

Ms P. O'Connell – Year 2 teacher (see above)

Mrs J. Mimnagh – Year 3 teacher, Music Co-ordinator, Art Co-ordinator

Mr D. Foley – Year 4 teacher, Computing Co-ordinator, Design Technology Co-coordinator

Mr S. Glanvill – Year 5 teacher

Miss M. Bushell – Year 6 teacher

PPA Cover & additional teaching support:

Mrs G. Hunter – Modern Foreign Language

Miss R. Hynes – R.E., Collective Worship

Mrs R. Mooney - Geography

Support Staff:

Nursery Teaching Assistant – Mrs C. Hateley

Nursery Teaching Assistant – Mrs S. McAlliog

Reception Teaching Assistant – Mrs M. Rogers – Paediatric First Aider

Year 1 Teaching Assistant – Mrs L. Marshall

Year 2 Teaching Assistant – Mrs L. McCarthy

Year 3 Teaching Assistant – Ms B. McIver

Year 4 Teaching Assistant – Mrs D. Swainbank

Year 5 Teaching Assistant – Mrs L. Howard – Swimming Coach Level 2 / First Aider

Year 6 Teaching Assistant – Mrs J. Godfrey – Speech and Language Therapy Lead / First Aider

Year 6 Teaching Assistant - Ms T. Ellis

Learning Mentor:

Mrs A. Waters

School Administrators:

Administrator – Mrs M. McCreadie

Administrator - Mrs C. Musker-Jones

Administrator - Mrs A. Pownall

School Site Manager: Mr D. O'Neil

Catering / Midday Staff :

Catering Manager: Mrs B. Lee

Midday Welfare: Mrs S. Hayes

Midday Welfare: Mrs P. Foulkes

Midday Welfare: Mrs B. Hill

Midday Welfare: Mrs J.Homan