Vision and aims


'Achieving Together Through Faith'

Our School Values:
Our Children:
We have wonderful children that make up our school and all of them are very special to us. They brighten up the mornings, make our lessons an exciting learning experience and fill the breaktimes with fun and laughter. They take part in everything that we have to offer and then come back for more. It is the children who give our school its energy, its vibrancy and its excitement and it is our children that we serve.

Our Staff:
We want to give our children as many exciting learning opportunities as possible, so the dedicated and skilled staff work late into the evenings to devise the best possible lessons or run fun clubs for our children to enjoy and learn from. They love our children and strive daily to give them the best possible start in life, acting as fine role models, as well as excellent professionals. We have a fabulous Nursery, which provides close links and good transitions into school and the staff work closely with our Reception teachers to coordinate work and events.

Our School Values:
On meeting the children you immediately sense the warmth of the welcome as you are surrounded by smiling faces eager to show you their work and share their achievements. New children are immediately looked after and encouraged to grow by other willing children – there is a real sense of community as the children seek to learn together for the future.
Our School Values are core to maintaining and developing the positive atmosphere around our school. Based on our core Christian belief, the children and staff have chosen values that make us think about not only who we are as individuals but also how we can live work and play together as a community. To promote our values each of the classes is given one to manage. We also praise them in our collective worships and in church with Reverend Malcolm and Kim every Wednesday, where children who have stood out in following our values can win a School Value Award.

Our School Values are as follows:

Love, Peace, Friendship, Koinonia, Compassion and Justice

We are proud of the friendly atmosphere here, which is enhanced by the help and involvement we receive from parents and the wider community. The Governing Body itself is community-oriented: it includes parents/ grandparents, local employers. However, we want to get better and better, so we can be the best school possible, so why not join us and help us in this journey?