Where do my wellies take me?

Usually we only wear our wellies when it is wet and cold old side. But, have you ever wondered just exactly when and where we could also wear our wellies. Well, this term Year 1 will be finding out just that. They will look at lots of different places around the world to find out where they are and what the weather is like there. Year 1 will be on an amazing journey from the cold snow of the Antarctic to the hot deserts of Australia.

Click on the pictures below to find out more.

red rock


In Science lessons Year 1 will be learning all about the Seasons in the Antarctic. The weather there is much, much different to the weather we have in Huyton. Click on the picture below to find out some more information at home.

These are the books that we will be reading and enjoying in Year 1 this term. Make sure you try to read everyday as it is so important and most importantly it is enjoyable


We work so hard on our Maths every day. One thing we really need to know is our number bonds to 20. 'Hit The Button' is a great game we can play to do this. Click on the Hit The Button picture to have a go.

Click on the clock with the smiley face to play some time games. We will be learning how to tell the time in class too. Play the game at home and see how good you can get.