Thank you for your amazing effort in building Anderson Shelters. During the Spring term we asked why was World War 2 such an important event?

During the Spring term we learnt about the significance on World War 2 on all our lives today. The children developed an understanding about the great sacrifices made; key people who were involved in the war including leaders and soldiers and about the lives of people at home including the children who were evacuated.

Year 4's class reader during the next two terms are Charlotte's Web and Gulliver's Travels!

Reading is vital to everything we do in school as it helps us in all our lessons. Read as much as possible everyday both in school and at home. Update your reading book as much as possible and record whatever you read in your reading journal.

Homework and spellings:

Each week the children will recieve a new set of spellings. As well as learning the spellings at home, the children also spend the week learning the spellings in class. The children take learning their spellings very seriously so that they can recieve the highest possible score during their Friday spelling test!

Each week Mr.Foley updates and replenishes our "Help your self" area. The children are encouraged to take pieces of work home including Spellings, Times tables practice, various Maths activities or Comprehensions. This is instead of Homework and is not compulsory however it is clear to see the amazing progress of the dedicated children who take pieces of work home weekly!

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